7th Annual Boston Area Mitosis and Meiosis Meeting

SPONSORS - BAMM 2020 - Massachusetts General Hospital
BAMM 2020 SPONSORS - Cytoskeleton
BAMM 2020 SPONSORS - ThorLabs
BAMM 2020 SPONSORS - Chroma
BAMM 2020 SPONSORS - Nikon
BAMM 2020 SPONSORS - BD Biosciences
BAMM 2020 SPONSORS - NEB - New England BioLabs

BAMM Banner Designer | LEAH BURY

Leah Bury

Leah Bury

scientist • artist • illustrator

Leah is a postdoctoral fellow in the Cheeseman lab, and a science illustrator.

Leah is passionate about merging her artistic creative interests with her cell biology background and experience. She translates scientific stories and discoveries into illustrations and animations, combining science and art to create educational and informative visuals. www.leahbury­


MIT | campus & parking maps

Campus Map  {printable PDF}
Campus Map  {interactive}


Albany Street Garage
{$8 - credit card only}
MAP to Albany Street GARAGE


Please note: The Hayward lot is not available due to a large scale construction project on the site.

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